Terms & Conditions

1. About the program

• In order to qualify for the competition, resellers must register online. Each reseller will be given a unique account in order to log in. Once logged in you will be able to create your own unique password.
• The competition is limited to one registration per registered dealer with Rectron.
• By participating, the registered individual certifies that he/she is an authorized agent of the reseller. Rectron will not be held liable for any disputes arising from incorrectly registered agents.
• Resellers need to be registered in order to start earning points. Points cannot be backdated, so kindly register as early as possible to maximize on points accumulation.
• Each qualifying product will be allocated a point value. Points are accumulated and can be redeemed during specified dates of the incentive period as stated under the “How to Redeem Points” section.
• Participation in the incentive constitutes full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the incentive.
• A member is the beneficiary elected in the program who will act as the gatekeeper of the Rectron Rewards Program. This person is usually a Managing Director/ Owner or similar, appointed by the company. All points earned will be for his/her discretionary use or distribution.
• Members will earn points automatically when they purchase products offered by Rectron for qualifying transactions only. Rectron determines qualifying transactions and no negotiations will be entered into. Members will earn points according to the earning matrix which is detailed herein

2. How to redeem points

• Points breakdown: R10 Spent on purchasing qualifying products earns the registered purchaser 1 Point
• The list of qualifying products and allocated point values will be set at the beginning of the incentive. Rectron reserves the right to add products to this list as deemed necessary.
• Qualifying Prizes with the point allocation will be listed on the incentive website under the Prizes category.
• Prizes are listed on the incentive website.No points will be redeemable before or after the specified dates.
• Points can only be redeemed on the incentive portal http://dealer.rectron.co.za and Rectron will organize delivery of the prizes via Rectron’s normal delivery service.
• Prizes are not transferrable and may not be exchanged for cash.
• Cash cannot be paid in to top up points.
• Customers are responsible for reporting prizes as a result of point’s redemption directly to SARS. Rectron will not be held liable for any taxes incurred from participation on this incentive.
• Bonus points are allocated ad hoc at the sole discretion of Rectron and could be for training, promotions or paying accounts on time.
• Expiry detail: All points not used to claim/redeem prizes will expire.
• Reward redemptions are subject to the terms & conditions available and are irrevocable.
• Points may not be exchanged for cash and are not transferable.
• You may not sell, exchange, barter or redeem points for cash.
• Points are not directly proportional to the cost of the item.
• Points earned for returned orders will be deducted from the member’s account.

3. Delivery and warranty

• Products will be delivered within 30 days after receipt of a reward request form, identification and verification, provided there are no queries from the form or any delays arising from circumstances outside Rectron’s control e.g. strikes, non-availability, fire or any other cause whatsoever.
• Should an item requested be out of stock, or the line discontinued, members may elect to wait for the item or select another item to the same point’s value. Delivery or collection will be within 30 days from date of confirmation of order.
• All products will enjoy the manufacturer’s warrantee and will be repaired, or replaced if still under warrantee or as per the manufacturer's specifications in regard to their return policy. Please deliver items that are faulty back to Rectron.
• All Prizes are subject to change and availability. Rectron reserves the right to change Prizes without prior notice.
• All Prizes Claimed on line will be delivered with Rectron’s standard delivery service.
• Positive identification will be requested at the time of delivery and it is at the courier’s discretion to release the order.
• If there is nobody at the stipulated address to receive the goods, the onus will rest on the member to collect the goods from Rectron within a two-week period of return of the items.
• All products will enjoy the manufacturer’s warrantee and will be repaired, or replaced if still under warrantee or as per the manufacturer's specifications in regard to their return policy. Please deliver items that are faulty back to Rectron.

4. General

• Changing or cancelling a reward, once verified, is subject to an expediting fee of R120 and any other taxes, surcharges, cancellation fees or any other charges relating to a cancellation will be payable by the member or recovered in points without member confirmation.
• The possibility to change or cancel a reward cannot be guaranteed.
• Only the designated beneficiary of a Rectron rewards membership account may redeem points accumulated. Rectron reserves the right to request validation from any member who redeems points and will conduct investigations at their discretion.
• Should you choose not to utilize this benefit you may opt out by sending written confirmation to the Loyalty Program Manager, Quraisha Hoosen – quraishah@rectron.co.za however these points will not be credited to the member’s account but will be forfeited.
• Electronic statements will be sent to all active members on a monthly basis.
• Members must undertake to inform Rectron of any changes i.e. address, e-mail address etc. and must notify the Company of any inaccuracies/omissions within one calendar month, after which time the statement will be taken as approved by the member. No negotiations will be entered into.
• Members will have access to their account on the website. Members are requested to accept the terms & conditions register and log on prior to accessing their statement online.
• In the case of a customer’s account being in arrears (non-payment, late payment, etc.) the customer’s points system will be suspended until such payments have been received and validated.
• Neither Rectron nor any of the participating companies in the Rectron rewards program will be held liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever sustained by a customer while participating in the program.

5. Cancellation or termination from the program

• Rectron reserves the right to disqualify persons, divisions and/or companies from further participation in the Rectron Rewards Program, to cancel all previously accumulated points, and to seek compensation for points utilized, if, in the sole opinion of Rectron, such persons, divisions and/or companies have violated any of the rules governing this program. This includes the fraudulent acquisition of points and the abuse of program benefits. Rectron reserves their rights completely and their decisions are final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.
• Rectron reserves the right to terminate membership and revoke accumulated points in the event of the following:
• The member fails to comply with the terms & conditions.
• The member supplies any false or misleading information.
• The member abuses any membership benefits.
• If a company goes insolvent, all points accumulated will be forfeited.
• In the instance of death, all points accumulated by the individual will be forfeited and may not be bequeathed.
• Should a membership account be terminated in terms of the above, all accumulated points will be forfeited.
• The estimated time for points to be credited to the member’s account is approximately 15 days from the time the invoice has been paid for.
• Membership may be cancelled at any given time by giving written notice. The member may redeem points within 30 days from date of cancellation. Failure to do so will result in all points becoming null and void.

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